Nov 242015

We’ll be performing a database upgrade on Saturday 28 November at 10:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time.

This upgrade will take about 2-8 hours to complete, and during this time your HubSpot contacts, email, automation, events, and social media will be read-only (you’ll be able to view, but not edit them). All scheduled activities will be paused for the duration of the upgrade. During this time all write requests to HubSpot APIs, except for analytics, will fail.

More information on this update is below:

  • HubSpot will be “read only” during this time.
  • All live content will remain live, but any events triggered by the connection of your application and HubSpot will not update during this time period.
  • During this time, write requests sent to HubSpot APIs should fail with HTTP 503: “This API is in read-only mode. Please try again later”. It is possible you will experience HTTP 500 errors as well, though we do not expect this.
  • All previously scheduled activities will resume once the maintenance period is complete.

Again, we expect this update to last between 2-8 hours. To view the status of the upgrade, please log in to your portal at

Nov 162015

We have a short database update planned for Saturday, November 21 starting at 11:00pm Eastern Time. This update is expected to only last 30 minutes. Below is an overview of the planned update:

• Email, Workflows, Events, and Social will be read-only during the update. These apps will remains accessible, but you will not be able to make changes or publish a message through these channels during this time.
• All other apps (Landing Pages, Website, CTAs, etc.) will remain accessible and function during the update.
• All analytics will continue to be recorded and will backfill once the update is completed.
• Any messages in Email, Workflows, or Social that are scheduled to be published at the same time as this update (approximately 11:00pm – 11:30pm Eastern Time) will be delayed until the update is completed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions, you can reach us by clicking the “Help” button in HubSpot or contacting support.

Nov 052015

Between 9:38am and 12:11pm EST and 1:30pm and 2:30pm EST, the Contacts were intermittently not loading tools that depend on contacts data, such as Lists, the HubSpot CRM, and the Reporting Add-on. HubSpot Engineering has identified the issue and is working on a resolution. We are now seeing some list processing delays that are being addressed along with the intermittent loading issues.

Oct 202015

Between 3:38pm and 3:50pm EST, the Ads Add-on did not load for any users. HubSpot Engineering has identified the issue and the Add-on should be working as expected.