Jul 152014

[ 01:43AM Eastern ] – Late yesterday evening a bug was discovered that caused a small percentage of Dynamic Lists that use Rolling Date Ranges to fail to update Contacts on time. Some Contacts updates are presently as much as 19 days behind. HubSpot Engineering has identified the cause of this bug and is working to update all Contacts as quickly as possible.

[ UPDATE 06:56 AM Eastern ] Work to update the impacted lists is ongoing.

[ UPDATE 09:45 AM Eastern] All Contacts have been updated and impacted lists are up-to-date.

Jul 022014

9:55 PM Eastern – At this time, the Contacts, Contacts Search, and Companies APIs are all returning errors. HubSpot Engineering is working to identify the cause of the issue.

[ UPDATE 10:10 PM Eastern ] At this time, all APIs are functioning as expected.

[ UPDATE 10:50 PM Eastern ] We are experiencing errors on a fraction of requests to these APIs, related to the earlier issues. We are working to identify the cause now.

[ UPDATE 11:05 PM Eastern ] At this time, error rates on all APIs have returned to normal levels.

Jun 302014

2:00 PM Eastern — At this time, we are experiencing slow responses to some operations against the Contacts API, and are also seeing delays in some workflow operations. HubSpot Engineering is engaged, and is working to identify the cause of these delays.

[ UPDATE 6:30 PM Eastern ] At this time, response times for operations against the Contacts API have returned to normal. List segmentation and enrollment of new contacts in lists is delayed by 1-2 hours, but is catching up, and we expect that it will be back to normal shortly.

[ UPDATE ] At this time, list segmentation and contacts enrollment has returned to normal processing times.

Jun 172014

The Contacts API will be in read-only mode on the evening of Saturday, 6/28, from 9pm Eastern until 3am Eastern on 6/29. This means that all requests to create, update, or delete contacts or lists will be rejected. All of the contacts background tasks will be paused, along with any analytics processing that affects contacts.

Form submissions will still be accepted and queued, but processing will be delayed until the Contacts API maintenance is complete.

Jun 152014

A sub-set of customers hosted on our Classic CMS may have experienced brief connectivity issues between 1:02 and 1:08 PM EDT this afternoon. This was caused by a network event at our Dallas data center which is now resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused.