Jan 292015

11:30 AM Eastern — Customers of HubSpot’s CRM are currently unable to access their sales templates. We are working to resolve this issue, and templates should be available again shortly.

[ UPDATE 12:15 PM Eastern ] All sales templates are now available to users of the CRM.

Changes to templates made between 11:05 AM Eastern and 11:15 AM Eastern time may have been lost when we restored service. Customers who changed the content of their templates during this time should check to ensure that any edits still appear.

Jan 212015

4:06 PM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing an elevated error rate from our Analytics API. This is causing some parts of the HubSpot application, such as the Source, Page Performance, and Pages applications, to time out.

HubSpot Engineering is working to identify and resolve the cause of this issue now.

[ UPDATE 4:15 PM Eastern ] We are no longer seeing errors when requests are made to the Analytics API.

Jan 202015

10:18 AM Eastern – At this time, the HubSpot Contacts API is responding to many requests with 504 errors. This is causing many parts of app.hubspot.com not to load as expected. In addition, some other APIs that rely on Contacts, such as the Forms API, may not load as expected.

[ UPDATE 10:38 AM Eastern ] At this time, we have not experienced errors from the Contacts API since 10:21 AM. We have identified the root cause of this issue, and are working to fix it now.

[ UPDATE 8:00 PM Eastern ] Over the course of the afternoon, HubSpot Engineering was able to identify fixes that prevented the recurrence of this issue, without any further interruption to service.

Jan 142015

HubSpot Phone Support will be closed from 7 AM Eastern on January 19th until 3 AM Eastern, in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

While our American Support team is observing the holiday out of the office, our international team will be online and ready to help. While our phone support lines are closed, you can continue reach us via e-mail by clicking the “Help” button on the lower right corner of your portal screen, or by submitting a ticket directly at http://help.hubspot.com/support.