Sep 282015

6:50pm EST – We are currently experiencing intermittent failure of the Social Publishing tool. HubSpot’s Engineering team is aware of this issue, and is working to resolve it now.

[ UPDATE 7:15pm EST ] We have resolved the issue and all Social pages are loading.

Sep 022015

10:12 AM Eastern – Due to intermittent network issues with one of our infrastructure providers, we are seeing an increased rate of errors in HubSpot applications. We are working to address this increased error rate now.

Users who see errors in the application should retry their actions, as the action should succeed on retry in most cases.

[ UPDATE 10:30 AM Eastern ] We are no longer seeing errors from our provider, and error rates in HubSpot’s applications have returned to normal.

Aug 192015

6:10 PM Eastern – We are currently experiencing an issue where adding a new user in a portal, or adding an existing user to a portal, will result in an error.

The HubSpot Engineering team is aware, and has determined the root cause of the issue. They are working to resolve it now.

[ UPDATE 6:24 PM Eastern ] We have resolved this issue, and adding users to a HubSpot portal should now work as expected.

During this issue, some users may also have experienced issues logging in to their HubSpot account. We apologize for the inconvenience.