Apr 172015

3:47 PM Eastern -

At this time, our event tracking and link shortening service is not redirecting properly.

End users who click on shortened or tracked URLs in emails, or in social media, may find themselves receiving a “404 Page Not Found” error message instead of being redirected properly.

HubSpot’s Engineering team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve now.

[ UPDATE 3:58 PM Eastern ] At this time, our event tracking and link shortening service is back online and functioning as expected.

Apr 102015

4:07 PM Eastern – We are currently seeing delays of up to 45 minutes in the rate at which Dynamic List Segmentation is processing. This will also affect workflow enrollments based on changes in list membership.

We expect that the queue of delayed Dynamic List Segmentation activities will catch up shortly.

[ UPDATE 5:50 PM Eastern ] At this time, list segmentation is processing as usual.

Mar 162015

4:15 PM Eastern – The data being shown in many HubSpot reports is significantly delayed, in many cases by as much as 6 hours. HubSpot Engineering is working to process the backlog of analytics events.

No data has been lost, this is a delay in processing.

[ UPDATE 5:45 PM Eastern ] We continue to experience delays in processing analytics events, and in some cases the data displayed in reports is as much as 8 hours behind. Engineering is working to resolve this issue, but we do not yet have an ETA for all data being up to date.

[ UPDATE 10:30 PM Eastern ] All reports are now up to date, and all queued analytics events have been processed.

Mar 152015

9:28 PM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing occasional timeouts of requests to the Contacts and the CRM APis. This is causing some screens in both the Marketing and Sales products not to load, or to load with some data missing.

HubSpot’s Engineering team is currently working to resolve this issue.

[ UPDATE 10:30 PM Eastern ] At this time, we are no longer seeing timeouts of any requests to the Contacts or CRM APIs.

Mar 132015

3:33 PM Eastern – At this time, the Sources report is not showing complete data. Activities received since Wednesday, March 11th, may not be included in the Sources report.

The HubSpot Engineering team is working to insert all missing activities now.

[ UPDATE 4:02 PM Eastern ] We are currently reprocessing all activities that are missing from the Sources report, and expect the report to be fully up to date within the next couple of hours. We will update this post if that ETA changes, or when the processing of these activities is complete.

[ UPDATE 7:30 PM Eastern ] At this time, the remaining unprocessed activities have completed processing, and the Sources report should be up to date.