Apr 072014

12:29 AM Eastern – At this time, the HubSpot dashboard is not loading for all users. HubSpot Engineering is engaged and working to diagnose and resolve the issue.

12:39 AM Eastern – At this time, this issue is resolved, and the HubSpot dashboard is loading for all users.

Apr 072014

Due to a reporting error, some activities (like page views, form submissions, and other types of events) in your HubSpot account were overcounted for the period between January 29, 2014 and March 11, 2014. This caused some values in your analytics reports to be reported as higher than they really were. We’re very sorry for the error in your reporting, and we’ve taken steps to correct it.

We were able to fix the error in reporting almost as soon as we discovered it. Once it was fixed, we were able to reprocess all customer analytics for the affected period, and at 6:00AM EST on April 7, we updated all affected accounts with the corrected data. For most users, the affected data would have been reported as being between 3% and 8% higher than it actually was. In a few cases, your data may have varied by more than this amount. We’ve put new safeguards in place to help ensure that this doesn’t happen again, and increased our monitoring capabilities so that we’ll know sooner if it does.

All of your reports should now be accurate, including for the affected time period. Again, we do apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused for you. If you have any questions, please let us know. For additional information please contact HubSpot Support at help.hubspot.com/support.

Apr 032014

10:53 AM Eastern — At this time, a portion of COS-hosted content is not loading. HubSpot Engineering is engaged, and we expect full service to be restored shortly.

[ Update 11:04 AM Eastern ] At this time, all COS-hosted content is loading as expected.

Apr 022014

9:28 AM Eastern – The HubSpot Call-To-Action service is currently not loading. This prevents the Call-To-Action application in the HubSpot Dashboard from loading as expected.

In addition, some Calls-To-Action embedded in customer sites are not displaying as expected.

[ UPDATE 9:47 AM Eastern ] This issue is resolved. At this time, the Call-To-Action application, and all CTAs, are loading as expected.