Oct 012014

Between 6:13AM Eastern and 6:16AM Eastern, connectivity to many of HubSpot’s services was interrupted. This outage appears to be related to networking problems with a hosting provider, and impacted quite a few other sites and services in addition to HubSpot.

As of 6:16 AM, all services are operating as expected.

[ UPDATE 8:30 AM Eastern ] Our hosting provider has confirmed that this outage was a result of an issue with their networking infrastructure.

Sep 302014

12:59 PM Eastern – At this time, our email service provider is experiencing a partial outage. This is delaying our attempts to send email. All outgoing mail is being queued, and will be sent as soon as the provider has resolved this issue.

[ UPDATE 1:44 PM Eastern ] At this time, we have been notified by our vendor that the issue has been resolved. Some email may still be queued for delivery, but any mail that is still queued should send shortly.

Sep 302014

9:48 AM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing lag in creating or updating dynamic contact lists. This delay is currently 2-3 hours. HubSpot Engineering is working to clear the backlog of list segmentation requests at this time.

[ UPDATE 5:30 PM Eastern ] We continue to experience lag in creating and updating dynamic lists. Members of a number of different teams within HubSpot Engineering have been working to add additional scale to the system that processes these types of actions, and we expect that in the next couple of hours we will be in a position to process these actions much more quickly.

[ UPDATE 10/1/2014 11:00 AM Eastern ] We continue to experience delays in processing contact list creation and update events, imports of contact lists, lead scoring, and triggering of workflows that rely on these events. Overnight, engineering identified several factors that were exacerbating the delays that we were experiencing, and is now in the final stages of putting fixes in place for these issues.

We will update this post with an ETA for processing of queued actions once these fixes have been deployed.

[ UPDATE 6:05 PM Eastern ] At this time, we are actively processing the backlog of queued actions as a result of this issue. We do not yet have an ETA for the completion of this processing. We will update when we have an ETA.

Sep 252014

HubSpot has been informed by one of our hosting vendors that they will be conducting maintenance during overnight periods between 9/26 and 9/30. These maintenance windows are between 10:00 PM US Eastern Time and 4:00 AM US Eastern Time on each of these days.

Though we have taken steps to ensure that our systems will not be affected by this maintenance, there is a chance that there will be intermittent periods during which APIs will respond more slowly than usual, or when pages within app.hubspot.com will not load as expected.

This maintenance will not affect public content display, nor will if affect data collection or scheduled events.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sep 252014

7:55 AM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing intermittent delays in the email API. This is causing the email dashboard not to load in some cases. HubSpot Engineering is aware of this issue, and is working to resolve it now.

[ UPDATE 8:21 AM Eastern ] At this time, we are no longer seeing slow responses from the Email API. The Email application is working as expected.