Oct 152014

4:58 PM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing an outage of our login system. We are working to get the system back up now.

[ UPDATE 5:14 PM Eastern ] We continue to work to restore service to app.hubspot.com. We will update this post shortly with more information.

The outage doesn’t affect public content hosted on HubSpot.

[ UPDATE 5:27 PM Eastern ] Full access to the HubSpot app has been restored.

Oct 152014

9:52 AM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing delays in processing some workflow actions. HubSpot Engineering is working to clear the backlog of workflow actions now.

[ UPDATE 10:44 AM Eastern ] At this time, all queued workflow enrollments have been processed, and we are no longer seeing lag in enrollments.

Oct 092014

11:50 AM Eastern – We are experiencing delays in processing batch email sends with more than 20,000 recipients, and in some analytics processing. Engineering is aware and is working to resolve the issue now.

We expect processing to return to normal shortly.

[ UPDATE 12:09 PM ] The underlying cause of this issue has been resolved, and we are catching up on delayed work now.

Note that in addition to the above referenced items, very large contact list imports and creation of lists in portals with many contacts may also be delayed.

[ UPDATE 5:30 PM Eastern ] At this point, we are no longer experiencing delays in any of the affected processing pipelines.

Oct 012014

Between 6:13AM Eastern and 6:16AM Eastern, connectivity to many of HubSpot’s services was interrupted. This outage appears to be related to networking problems with a hosting provider, and impacted quite a few other sites and services in addition to HubSpot.

As of 6:16 AM, all services are operating as expected.

[ UPDATE 8:30 AM Eastern ] Our hosting provider has confirmed that this outage was a result of an issue with their networking infrastructure.