Oct 292014

3:35 PM Eastern – At this time, we are seeing timeouts on some requests to the Contacts API. This also results in some parts of the HubSpot Dashboard to time out or to return errors.

HubSpot Engineering is aware of this issue, and is working to address it now.

[ UPDATE 3:51 PM Eastern ] At this time, Contacts API is responding to all requests as expected. We are working to process a backlog of actions, such as list segmentation, that require the Contacts API. We expect that backlog to clear shortly.

Oct 282014

5:11 PM Eastern – At this time, some portals that have Salesforce integrations are unable to load the HubSpot dashboard. This is a result of performance issues reported by Salesforce on one of their instances.

We are working to mitigate the effect of this issue on our customers now.

[RESOLVED] 5:23 PM Eastern – At this time the dashboard is loading for all HubSpot customers, including the ones on the Salesforce NA5 instance.

Oct 282014

11:18 AM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing delays of 30-45 minutes in the creating and editing of Smart Lists for portals that have less than 100,000 contacts total. HubSpot Engineering is working to address this delay now.

[ UPDATE 12:55 pm Eastern] At this time, all smart list creation and Editing is up to date, and we have resolved the root cause of this delay.

Oct 272014

8:39 PM Eastern – Between 8:20 PM Eastern and 8:32 PM Eastern today, we experienced a high rate of errors on the Contacts API. Clients connecting to the Contacts API directly would have received 500 Server Error responses back. This would also have manifested as slow page loads, or failure messages, inside of the HubSpot dashboard.

As of 8:32 PM Eastern service is fully restored, and all parts of the service are operating as usual.

Oct 272014

7:16 AM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing delays of over an hour in List Segmentation and Lead Scoring. This may result in workflow enrollment being delayed for some contacts as well.

HubSpot Engineering is aware, and is working to address this now.

[ UPDATE 10:15 AM Eastern ] As of 9:00 AM Eastern, all delays in List Segmentation had cleared. We have continued to monitor closely, and have seen no further delays in this process.