Nov 262014

Earlier today, several of the IP addresses that HubSpot uses to send email were temporarily listed as sources of spam mail. This resulted in a higher than usual rate of message bounces.

We have worked with our email delivery partner to remove our IP addresses from this list, and we will be unbouncing any email addresses that were impacted by this issue.

We expect unbouncing to be complete around 2:30PM Eastern. We will update this post if that time changes.

Nov 182014

4:31 PM Eastern – At this time, we are experiencing delays of 30 minutes or more in list segmentation. This may also have an effect on downstream services that rely on list membership, such as workflows enrollments.

HubSpot’s Engineering team is working to resolve this issue now.

[ 7:18 PM Eastern ] At this time, contacts list segmentation is happening within normal time frames, and we are no longer experiencing lag for any processes.

Nov 102014

2:54 PM Eastern – at this time, login to is not working. HubSpot Engineering is working to identify and resolve the cause now.

[ UPDATE 2:56 PM Eastern ] This issue also impacts many API calls being made to, or by, the HubSpot service. This will result in many other processes, such as processing of form submissions and workflow enrollments, being delayed.

[ UPDATE 3:14 PM ] We have identified the service that is responsible for this outage, and are working to restore service. We do not currently have an ETA for resolution.

[ UPDATE 3:59 PM ] At this time, service is restored for most users. In some cases, users may experience individual requests to APIs or to that respond more slowly than expected, or that time out.

We continue to work to fully resolve this issue.

[ UPDATE 4:39 PM Eastern ] As of 4:10 PM Eastern, all APIs are responding as usual, and full access to has been restored. We have identified the root cause of this outage, and are in the process of preventing it from impacting us in the future.

Oct 292014

3:35 PM Eastern – At this time, we are seeing timeouts on some requests to the Contacts API. This also results in some parts of the HubSpot Dashboard to time out or to return errors.

HubSpot Engineering is aware of this issue, and is working to address it now.

[ UPDATE 3:51 PM Eastern ] At this time, Contacts API is responding to all requests as expected. We are working to process a backlog of actions, such as list segmentation, that require the Contacts API. We expect that backlog to clear shortly.

Oct 282014

5:11 PM Eastern – At this time, some portals that have Salesforce integrations are unable to load the HubSpot dashboard. This is a result of performance issues reported by Salesforce on one of their instances.

We are working to mitigate the effect of this issue on our customers now.

[RESOLVED] 5:23 PM Eastern – At this time the dashboard is loading for all HubSpot customers, including the ones on the Salesforce NA5 instance.