Feb 102016

Update 4:30 pm Eastern – Service has been fully restored to all affected portals and all blog listing pages are now loading as expected.

Update: 2:42 pm Eastern – A fix has been put in place to properly load blog listing pages.

1:30 pm Eastern – There are intermittent 404s occurring on some portals’ blog listing pages. In the meantime, the error appears to be fixed after a cache clear. This can be achieved by navigating to content settings and clicking “save changes”.

Our engineering team is working to apply this fix to all portals.

Jan 252016

[ UPDATE 11:26 AM Eastern ] Our delivery partner has resolved the issue on their side, and we have processed the full queue of delayed mail.

9:35 AM – We are currently experiencing delays in sending email, as a result of a problem with an email delivery partner. We are working with them to resolve the issue and to clear the backlog of delayed messages now.

If a send has not been delivered as expected, users should not re-send, as this will potentially result in duplicate email being delivered.

Jan 202016

UPDATE 3:35 PM Eastern – Salesforce sync is working as expected for all users. Some portals that have Salesforce sync enabled may not be fully caught up, but will be within the next few minutes.

2:15 PM Eastern – Some portals with Salesforce sync enabled are experiencing delays in syncing contacts or activities to Salesforce. We have deployed a fix for this issue, and expect that it will be resolved shortly.

Jan 132016

[ UPDATE 2:38 PM Eastern ] We have identified the cause of this issue, and have taken steps to remediate it. In most cases, the CRM and parts of the Marketing product that rely on Contacts data will load as expected.

[ UPDATE 2:26 PM Eastern ] As a result of this issue, the CRM is failing to load for all users. Some screens in the Marketing product that rely on contact data are loading slower than usual or with incomplete data, and the Contacts and Lists applications are failing to load altogether.

2:18 PM Eastern – We are currently experiencing intermittent failures to load data from the Contacts and Companies APIs. As a result, the performance of the CRM is degraded, and some applications in the Marketing product may not load as expected.

Our Engineering team is working to resolve this issue now.

Jan 092016

UPDATE 2:30 PM – Contacts are loading as usual, and both the Marketing and CRM products are fully functional.

2:15 PM Eastern – currently contacts are not loading in the HubSpot Marketing and CRM products. This affects Contacts, Lists, and other parts of the applications that rely on Contact data.

Deals and Companies data are also failing to load.

HubSpot Engineering is working to address this issue now.